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About Us

Founded in 2012, Kate Language Center is a subsidiary of Beijing Kate Leading Culture Media Co., Ltd.. It is specialized in language training and focuses on providing professional foreign language training services to our clients. Currently there are five training centers and one test center in Beijing, and Kate Language Center has helped hundreds of trainees to speak a foreign language confidently.

Kate Language Center aims at providing students with world-class courses and helping students develop efficient learning habits. Not only do we enable students speak foreign languages confidently and fluently, but also we improve students' ability in the workplace, enrich students' business socialization and open their international horizons. This is how we make foreign language learning more effective.

The curriculum system at Kate Language Center is practice-oriented. It is progressive, covering levels of areas such as zero-basis, preliminary, real communication, business, translation, so it suits students at different levels and with different needs. Kate Language Center also features in "original overseas teaching system" and "original overseas service system". By centering on trainees, we provide face-to-face teaching and small class instruction led by both Chinese teachers and foreign teachers directly dispatched by overseas schools. Besides, our international cultural clubs and extracurricular activities allow students to speak a foreign language fluently in real situations, because they create a language environment similar to a foreign country.

Kate Language Center has abundant qualified teachers. Foreign teachers have all passed strict trainings and examinations (some of them are directly dispatched by overseas schools), and they have rich teaching experience and good business background. Chinese teachers who teach Japanese and English have qualifications like Japanese N1, Japanese translation certificate, TEM 8, IELTS 6.5 or above) and rich teaching experience of over 8 years.

Since 2015, Kate Language Center has officially become a partner of Tokyo Sendagaya Japanese Language School. Recognized by Japan's Ministry of Education, Kate Language Center is also the only test center and supervisor of STBJ Standard Test of Business Japanese.

Service Philosophy

Kate Language Center has introduced a full range of Japanese service philosophy and works together with all our staff to take into account of our students wherever we can. In light of this, we carefully manage our educational administration and pay close attention to every important teaching unit. Thanks to our unique five-star service, every student can feel the care that Kate language center has to offer.

All our staff at Kate Language Center make a solemn promise to our consumers: it will remain an unswerving purpose of Kate language center to "work with love and conscience, and implement the people-oriented service philosophy wherever possible".

Our Strengths

As a professional company specialized in language training, we provide learners with two decisive factors for the inevitable success of language learning: correct and advanced learning methods, and a real life-like native language environment. The original overseas teaching system and teaching materials are based on advanced teaching philosophy. Based on the study of the disadvantages of traditional teaching, we analyze the status quo of Chinese students and focus on the learning purpose of adult learners, thus introducing a unique learning method that is application-oriented. Meanwhile, we have created a quasi-real mother tongue environment that is as good as living abroad and is praised by all successful foreign language learners. To achieve that end, all classes are led by foreign teachers. We combine advanced multimedia education technology, organize international cultural clubs and colorful extracurricular activities, as well as offer learners with opportunities of watching original films in Japanese and English.