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Korean Customer Service(한국어 담당자):16619892711

Shilipu Campus
Jinsong Campus
Yonghegong Campus
Wangjing Campus
Caishikou Campus
Haidian Campus
Tokyo Campus

Shilipu Campus: 24th Floor,Building No.1, No.3 Unit of Shilipu City Plaza,Chaoyang District

Jinsong Campus: No.1201-1301 Unit 3,Buiding No.1, Lelanbaodi, Jinsong, Chaoyang District

Yonghegong Campus: No.1108, Buiding B, Yonghedasha, Andingmen East Main St. Dongcheng District

Wangjing Campus: 8th Floor (Reception Center) and 10th Floor (Teaching Center), Unit No.6, Liwaili Appartment,No.429 of Wangjingxiyuan,Chaoyang District

Caishikou Campus:6th Floor,Unit No.6,Fenghuahaojing,Chaoyang District

Haidian Campus: RM 1607/1608, Building B, Zhuchengdasha Office Building, the South Street of Zhongguancun Street,Haidian District

Tokyo Campus: 〒 161-0033 1-1-6,Shimo-ochiai,Shinjuku District,Tokyo

Accomodation Address:1003, Building 6, Balizhuangdongli, Shilipu, Chaoyang District

Business Center Test Site for STBJ Standard Test for Business Japanese: Building No.7,Block C,Gaobeidian East,Chaoyang District

Website: http://www.katelanguage.com

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