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Japanese (Japanese: “日本語”, Kana: にほんご(かな)ニホンゴ(カナ), Romanization: Nihongo, English: Japanese), with its presentation in characters, writing, and books referred to as Japanese, s a language mainly used by the Yamato people in the Japanese archipelago. Although there is no accurate statistics on the population of Japanese users, the number of Japanese speakers should exceed 130 million calculating the population in Japan and the overseas Japanese population living outside of Japan. Almost all Japanese nationals born and raised in Japan are native speakers of Japanese. In addition, there is a Japanese sign language that corresponds to Japanese grammar and phonological system for people with auditory impairments.

Authorized Official Test Center (Beijing) of STBJ Standard Test for Business Japanese

Since 2015, Kate Language Center Center has become the only test center and supervisor unit of STBJ Japanese Grade Examination approved by Japan's Ministry of Education.

Partner of Tokyo Sendagaya Japanese Language School

Since 1975 when Tokyo Sendagaya Japanese School was founded, a total of over 20,000 students from over 100 countries have studied in Tokyo Sendagaya Japanese School. Among them there are people from different walks of life, including students, housewives and researchers.

Partner with Osaka J International Institute

J International Institute is the subsidiary of a publishing company called "International Communication Inc" that was founded over 20 years ago and founded this institute. Because of its publishing origin, it has an ultra-high requirement for itself in terms of the correctness of the language ability. For advanced learners, it also provides well-prepared language learning programs because it not only develops paper-based learning skills but also the ability to "correctly deliver a language” on its students. This institute uses the professional knowledge of publishing houses to practice Japanese language education. J International Institute was established in September 2003, and in January 2004 it was officially recognized by the legal entity of a consortium, Japanese Education Association for the Revitalization of the Japanese Language.

Native Japanese Teachers Dispatched by Tokyo Language Schools

All of the Japanese foreign teachers are native teachers with rich experience as a Japanese teacher in the front line. Most of them are directly dispatched by language schools in Tokyo, Japan.

Japanese Culture Club Activities

Kate Language Center Center holds regular Japanese culture club activities, covering Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese Ikebana, Japanese cuisine, Japanese makeups, Japanese clothing, Japanese hairdressing and nail care. It is taught by Japanese foreign teachers and brings pure Japanese cultural learning experience to students.

Imported Original Japanese Teaching Materials

Teaching system and Teaching Materials are from language schools in Japan, helping students learn pure Japanese language and culture in an efficient way.

Hotline: 010 - 65563081 / 57489461
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