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  • Practical French for Tourists
  • For Zero-basis Beginners
  • French for Overseas Studying
  • Spoken French
  • French in NEEP
  • One-to-one VIP French Learning
  • Intensive DELF&DALF Preparation Course
  • VIP Courses Led by Chinese and Native French-speaking Teachers
  • From Zero Basis to Preliminary Level in French, A2
  • From Zero Basis to Intermediate Level in French, B1
  • From Zero Basis to Upper Intermediate Level in French, B2
  • From Zero-basis to Advanced French

Introduction of French

French is an independent language of the Romance family of Indo-European languages. The Romance family includes central Romance languages (French, Italian, Sardinian, Catalan, etc.), western Romance languages (French, Portuguese, etc.) and eastern Romance languages (Romanian Wait). French is one of the independent Romance languages with the most users, second only to Spanish. There are currently 87 million people in this world who use it as their mother tongue and in total there are other 285 million people use it (including those who use it as a second language). French is the official language of many regions or organizations (e.g. United Nations, European Union). French French and Canadian French are the two main French derivatives of the world, and they are quite different.

Introduction of Courses

Curriculum: French for Learners with Zero-basis, Preliminary French A1A2, Intermediate French B1B2, Advanced French C1C2, French for International Students, French for Tourists, French for Emigration, Spoken French Led by Foreign Teachers, etc.

Teaching Mode: One-to-one Class Led by Chinese Teachers, One-to-one Class Led by Foreign Teachers, Class Led by Chinese and Foreign Teachers.

Teacher Arrangement: The French teachers at Kate Language Center all have years of teaching experience of French. Chinese teachers have studied and lived for many years in France, and they have a master's degree or above. Foreign teachers are from French-speaking countries or regions, with formal academic qualifications and teaching ability.

Teaching Mode: Communication-oriented Teaching Mode

Selection of Teaching Materials: Materials are chosen according to the actual needs of students

Common Materials: taxi!, Internal Handouts, Multimedia Courseware

Proof of Learning Hours: Proof of Learning Hours Approved by Immigration Bureau in Corresponding Countries Can be Issued Free of Charge

Curriculum System, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

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Hotline: 010 - 65563081 / 57489461
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